Roam Research quick capture bookmarklet

A simple bookmarklet to capture text from a webpage to Roam Research.

You can use or adapt the code below or simple drag and drop this link to your bookmarks/favorites bar on you browser.

This is in the format of:

quote — via link to page

javascript:q=location.href;if(document.getSelection){d=document.getSelection();}else{d='';};p=document.title;void(open(''+encodeURIComponent(d)+'__ — via ['+encodeURIComponent(p)+']('+encodeURIComponent(q)+') [[Quotes]]#quick-capture','Roam','toolbar=no,width=700,height=350'));

Capture to Roam

This just grabs the title and link in markdown.

javascript:q=location.href;if(document.getSelection){d=document.getSelection();}else{d='';};p=document.title;void(open('['+encodeURIComponent(p)+']('+encodeURIComponent(q)+') [[link]]#quick-capture','Roam','toolbar=no,width=700,height=350'));

Title/Link to Roam

This is to write your own notes nest to the link of the page.

javascript:q=location.href;if(document.getSelection){d=document.getSelection();}else{d='';};p=document.title;void(open('  — notes to ['+encodeURIComponent(p)+']('+encodeURIComponent(q)+') [[notes]]#quick-capture','Roam','toolbar=no,width=700,height=350'));

Comment to Roam

Or just to open Quick Capture without text.

javascript:open(' #quick-capture','Roam','toolbar=no,width=700,height=350');

Note to Roam

How to use

The bookmarklet uses the Mobile Quick Capture url integration (

No need for copy-paste.

  1. You can highlight a line of paragraph on a webpage and click the bookmarklet.
  2. A window popup will show you the same UI as on a mobile. You can add as many highlights or bookmarks as you want.
  3. To sync and see the captured text and url in Roam, you have to reload your app. A message asking if you want to sync the captured text will show.

This bookmarlet is adapted from the Pinboard bookmarklet. The text format is based on +Roam

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